Cascadia Teachers

Welcome to our Cascadia Learning Cooperative community. We are the volunteers, teachers, and leaders of Cascadia.

Melissa Palma
Melissa, mother of two, will be the Cascadia Learning Cooperative’s administrator as well as a teacher. Melissa has over 15 years of teaching experience including teaching:

  • African American Literature at a Detroit high school,
  • creative writing to children as a Writer-in-Residence in Detroit,
  • Communications, Education, English and Social Work at the University of Michigan,
  • various subjects (including Spanish, art, theater, language arts, cooking, etc) to children ages 5-15 at the school she started in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Meredith Branch
Meredith Branch
Meredith is a mother to three, and has been actively cultivating a rich and supportive homeschooling community for years. It was this desire that led her to collaborate with Melissa in founding Cascadia Learning Cooperative. Meredith currently works very, very part-time as a researcher for the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University. Although the majority of her time with the co-op this fall will likely be occupied by serving as the volunteer coordinator, she will be teaching as well.

Rosemary Campbell
Rosemary has been homeschooling her four children for the better part of 12 years. She has deep roots in the community, as she grew up in Eugene and is currently a student midwife.  She has many talents and interests, and has taught many subjects in informal homeschool groups over the years.

Amalia Coxe-Trieger

Amalia is a mother of 2 and has 8 years experience teaching dance, gymnastics, choreography, and creative movement. She has worked locally as a coach at Bounce Gymnastics, as the pre EDGE director at the Reach Center and as a co-teacher at Eugene Modern Dance. Amalia‘s students range in age from 16 months through 60 years. She especially loves working with kids and learning from their endless supply of creativity and enthusiasm.

Tina Fredette
Tina has been homeschooling her two children for six years. She has worked as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, speech therapist, and homeschool group teacher (as well as Alaskan fisherman and backcountry ranger).   In addition, she has a degree in geography and a love for nature. She works to bring together current pedagogical theory with children’s interests.  She also strives to develop programs that are interdisciplinary to develop the understanding of balance and interconnectedness of all topics of study. Above all, she loves building relationships and laughing with children!

Alison Halderman
Alison Halderman
Alison is the grandmother in a three generation homeschooling family at Cascadia. She met John Holt as a child in alternative schools herself, homeschooled her 3 kids off and on while providing a busy island daycare, now helps homeschool her grandchildren in Oregon. She is a writer with trilingual books, reads and offers activities in preschool to 2nd grade classrooms in Oregon and Costa Rica. She loves exploring and sharing her many interests with children of all ages, and loves creating curriculum and classes.

Ally Kramer
Ally has been homeschooling her kids this whole journey of their life so far. She has been very fortunate to be a part of a few amazing homeschool groups and co-ops. Ally started teaching to groups of kids within the co-op about 4 yrs ago, where she taught a variety of classes. She loves kids and teaching them. She also loves being part of what her kids are learning.

Steve Nastasiuk
Steve Nastasiuk has been a math instructor and tutor for all grade levels since 1967. He is interested in most subject areas of mathematics, with a particular focus on recreational mathematics. Steve has been teaching with the University of Oregon Youth Enrichment and Gifted Programs [YETAG] for the past 15 years. As part of YETAG, Steve leads after-school math clubs at three different local elementary schools, and teaches math, Lego robotics, and physics with K’Nex at YETAG’s summer academic enrichment program. Steve also writes and hosts the blog ‘Math on the McKenzie,’ where math enthusiasts can find math-related activities, math puzzles/problems, interesting books about math and more!

Ericka Rhodes
Ericka is new to the Eugene community, but not new to education. She has taught a small group class in a previous co-op that she belonged to before moving to the Pacific Northwest. While she has a Masters degree in Special Education, she hopes to use her degree in the homsechooling community versus the public school system. Her passion has always been working with individuals with disabilities, which has led to a full time career here in Eugene as well as being a long time volunteer with Special Olympics.

Tuana Schirmer
Tuana has been homeschooling her two children for the past 12 years.  She has tirelessly volunteered her time in the homeschool community by leading classes in wood shop, crafting, and world history; organizing field trips, and creating community within her home.  She is looking forward to expanding her homeschool community this year through Cascadia!

2 thoughts on “Cascadia Teachers

  1. Hi. I teach knitting and other forms of handwork (crochet, sewing, weaving) to children and adolescentes from beginning finger-knitting (at ages 4-6-ish) all the way to afghans and sweaters, hats, scarves and Socks. I’d Love to work with the children in your home-school groups.
    I know Tuana from our work at Blue Lotus CHAI
    541 687-8711

    1. Thanks Sarah! We already have the winter schedule finalized, but there are some parents thinking about putting together activities for the younger, 4-6 aged children. I will pass your pass your information along. If you are interested in teaching handwork in the spring, feel free to fill out a teacher application detailing your ideas for a class. This form can be found under the ‘getting started’ menu. Don’t do it until the new year though, so it doesn’t get lost in the winter applications. I’d also drop us a line to let us know that you submitted something.


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