Critical Thinking

INSTRUCTOR Diana Hoffman
Age Range 11-14 years old FIRM
Schedule Wednesdays, Block 1, 10a-11:15a
Description In this class, we will examine a social scenario that the students will need to imagine themselves involved in. We will discuss the dilemma before students develop their own responses. An example might be, ‘Your cousin stole his father’s wallet, taking the cash, and invites you to go to your favorite shop in town to buy some things you would not otherwise be able to afford. What do you do?’ As a group, we’ll toss around possible outcomes, points of views, and repercussions. Then students will take the assignment home and create a personal response, either in writing, illustration, or oral presentation. There will be five scenarios for the whole semester.
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite Students must be able to read, write, draw, and/or give a public presentation.
Homework Yes. Up to two hours a week.
Parents I would ask that parents assist the students in taking the assignments to heart, and encouraging them to really apply themselves.
Material/Lab Fee None.

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