In order to enroll in Cascadia Learning Cooperative, you need to:

1) Fill out the online student enrollment form by clicking here. (We recommend you do this soon as it will reserve your spot.)

2) Print and complete the CLC Student Permission Form and mail to Melissa Palma (P.O. Box 50545, Eugene, OR 97405). This form is not available to be filled out electronically as it requires original signatures.

3) Sign up for classes.  NOTE: Be sure to read the full class description including age limits, prerequisites, and class fees before signing up.

4) Pay the one time $50 enrollment fee (if you have not already paid it) PLUS membership fee or class fee (Make checks out to Cascadia and send to P.O. Box 50545, Eugene, OR 97405 or bring to Cascadia in person).

5) If you are a full member, sign up for 4 volunteer hours per week. If you are part-time member, you need to volunteer 2 hours per week.

If you have questions, feel free to email cascadialearning@gmail.com.


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