Image from the end of summer Family Picnic, September, 2014.

End of Term Showcase

What: The End of Term Showcase is an important event that highlights all of the student’s learning! It’s where dance class can perform a short dance for their family and friends, where theater can perform their two plays, where KIC kids can share their findings, where kids can hang and showcase their art, where any class can create something to show what they’ve done this term!

Where: Cascadia at The Reach Center

When: Thursday, December  11th, 2014. 5:30-7:30pm.

Free and open to the public!


First Annual Winter Art/Craft/Bake/Garage Sale Fundraiser

What: A winter fundraising sale that includes great art, crafts, garage sale items, a variety of tasty baked goods, Cascadia t-shirts, potted succulents, handmade jewelry, garage sale items, and more!

Where: Cascadia at The Reach Center

When: Saturday, December 6th, 2014. 9am-2pm.

Meet the kind folks and the kiddos, and maybe find a treasure or two. Be sure and tell all your friends. We look forward to seeing you, there!




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