Swap ‘n’ Sell

The Art Room at The Reach Center. Monday, August 25th, 2014.  4pm-7pm.

The Swap ‘n’ Sell will motivate you to clean out your homeschool shelves in anticipation for the fall as well as great opportunity to pick up some new items at a great price or for free! This event is also a time to talk to other homeschoolers about their used curriculum, what worked and what didn’t? Ask what they liked and didn’t like. Take a look at curriculums you’ve wanted to see in person. Items should be limited to curriculum, puzzles, worksheets, books, and anything educational. Please no clothes or household items.

Participants are asked to display items they’d like to swap or sell at a table (or shared table) and to be available to take money and answer questions about their items. Partner up if you want ! If you have items you’d like to sell, but are unable to be there, you can still participate. Contact Diana Nagai at diana.nagai@gmail.com for instructions on how to label and drop off items.

Families are encouraged to come and bring their kids. While parents are looking over items, the kids are welcome to play in the big room or do the hosted craft. You do not need to have any items on sale to be able to browse and shop.



“Swap” items are items that you just want to donate. “Swap” items will go onto one general table for people to browse and take for free.  At the end of the swap, anything not picked up will be donated to Cascadia Learning Cooperative (to be used in their library, classrooms, or future donations made by Cascadia.)



“Sell” items will be displayed on participants’ tables. Participants will mark their items with pricing information and will be able to answer questions.



Interested parties can get in touch with Diana Nagai at  diana.nagai@gmail.com. Please put “Swap n Sell” in the Subject line and request either a full table or half table depending on how much you think you’ll bring to sell.



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