The Cascadia Learning Cooperative will be open 3 days a week, 9:30am-4:00pm. If you are a member, one parent or guardian is required to volunteer four hours per week during any term that their family participates in the cooperative in addition to paying the membership fee. Non-member families do not need to volunteer. Volunteer positions include teaching a class (worth 2 hours), assisting in a class (worth 1.25 hours) or supervising free play time (worth 45 minutes).  A limited number of additional volunteer opportunities are available upon request for members with scheduling challenges.

For a breakdown of pricing, please visit our Price Breakdown page.


MEMBERSHIP FEES                            MONTH             TERM

Single Child Family                               $158                   $450 ($24 savings if paid in full)

Multiple Child Family *                         $175                   $500 ($25 savings if paid in full)

*If you have 4 or more children, it is $50 per additional child per term.

-Members have the option of the paying per month or per term.

-Monthly payments are divided into three equal payments per term.

-The term fee includes a 5% discount when you pay in full prior to the beginning of the term.


Classes                                                      FREE*                 $100*

* Some classes may require additional material fees.


There are three terms: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

A full term lasts 10 weeks.

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