The Cascadia Learning Cooperative will be open 3 days a week, 9:30am-4:00pm. If you are a full-time member, one parent or guardian is required to volunteer four hours per week during any semester that their family participates in the cooperative in addition to paying the membership fee. Part-time member families are required to volunteer two hours a week. Volunteer positions include teaching a class (worth 2 hours), assisting in a class (worth 1.25 hours) or supervising free play time (worth 45 minutes).  A limited number of additional volunteer opportunities are available upon request for members with scheduling challenges.

For a breakdown of pricing, please visit our Price Breakdown page.


FULL-TIME MEMBERSHIP FEES         MONTH          FALL (12 wks)         SPRING (16 wks)                      

Single Child Family                                   $158                $632                            $790

Multiple Child Family *                           $175                 $700                           $875

PART-TIME MEMBERSHIP FEES         MONTH          FALL (12 wks)         SPRING (16 wks)                      

Single Child Family                                   $100                $400                            $500

Two Child Family                                      $150                 $600                           $750


Full-time membership includes 2-3 days (up to nine classes).  Part-time membership is equivalent to one day, or three classes.  While we encourage part-time members to sign up for one full day of classes, it is not required (e.g., your child could take two classes one day and one class another day).

*If you have 4 or more children, it is $100 per additional child per semester.

-Members have the option of the paying per month or per semester.




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