Ancient and Modern Construction Using Euclidean Geometry

Instructor Steve Nastasiuk
Age Range 10+ yrs
Schedule Thursdays, Block 3, 2p – 3:15p
Description Join us as we look at the structure and form of Euclid’s Elements. Explore classic and modern geometric constructions using a compass, pencil and straightedge and discover the real story behind the equilateral triangle. We’ll investigate how to inscribe and circumscribe different figures inside and out. Students will make excursions into solid geometry with the construction of a tetrahedron and MacMahon’s Hexahedron and a look at how to fold and unfold one without injuring yourself. Students will draw and analyze several proof/constructions from The Elements including the most famous: Proposition 47, the Pythagorean Theorem. Paraphrasing “How to Solve it” by George Polya (1945): if students miss the opportunity to learn geometric proofs they miss the best and simplest examples of true evidence and the best opportunity to acquire the idea of strict reasoning. We’ll examine paper folding as a valuable alternative to the traditional compass and straight edge and explore the relationship of Combinatorial Geometry and “the Geometry of Place” as relates to modern puzzles.
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite None.
Homework None.
Parents Parents are welcome, but not required.
Class Cost Members: FREE. Non-Members: $100
Material/Lab Fee None.

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