INSTRUCTOR Meredith Branch
Age Range 11-14 yrs FIRM
Schedule Tuesdays, Block 2, 12p – 1:15p
Description The Constitution is all around us and it affects each one of us, every day. It is one of the most important documents in our lives, yet most people cannot accurately summarize its most important points. The goal of this class is to make this complex document meaningful and understandable to middle schoolers! Students in this class will explore the historical context of the Constitution, beginning with the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. We will look at the evolution of the Constitution through the eyes of the founding fathers, examine how US citizens continue to define what was written so long ago, and learn how our system works to interpret and amend the supreme law of our land. Ultimately, students will have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Constitution and how our government operates.
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite Students need to be willing and able to do the homework every week or else it will disrupt the flow of the class.
Homework There will be homework EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Expect this and plan for it.
Parents Parents are always welcome.
Material/Lab Fee None.



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