Exploring the World of Harry Potter

INSTRUCTORS Paloma Palma, Ela Vick and Kenzie MacDonald
Age Range 9+ yrs
Schedule Tuesdays, Block 3, 2p – 3:15p
Description In this class, we will be exploring the wizarding world of Harry Potter! Students will be sorted into houses, have fun with the foods of Harry Potter and we will also have a charms and potions class. We will have fun with Harry Potter trivia and may even make our own house sweaters and craft our own wands. The class will culminate in a Harry Potter feast where we make pumpkin juice or butter beer and pumpkin pasties. We love the wizarding world of Harry Potter and we hope you’ll love it too!
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite It might be more fun if students have read or seen Harry Potter but it is not a requirement (spoilers will happen so beware!). Parents may be required to buy a sweater or the teachers will buy one from Goodwill for each student. Also, it is helpful for all students to have a gmail account set up before the first class.
Homework Not usually
Parents No thanks
Class Cost This is a student-led class, and is available to members only.
Material/Lab Fee $10 for potion ingredients, food ingredients for a Hogwarts style feast, fabric paint for making house sweaters, and other activities.

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