Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

INSTRUCTOR Lucina Armstrong
Age Range 8-10 yrs
Schedule Tuesdays, Block 2, 12p – 1:15p
Description What do you want to learn more about? What are you curious about? Students will complete two research projects over the term. One as partners and one as individuals. We will cover all kinds of research skills and write two 5 paragraph research papers. They will also present their research, once in a presentation and once in a creative way through media. Class will include choosing a topic of interest, identifying key word, internet research, library research, taking notes from gathered resources, making an outline, writing a five paragraph paper, making and conducting surveys and interviews, and presenting information in writing, in public speaking, and media.
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite Students should be able to read and write.
Homework There may be occasional homework.
Parents Parents are always welcome.
Material/Lab Fee None.



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