Junkyard Band

Instructor Instructor from the shedd
Age Range 9-14 yrs
Schedule Thursdays, Block 1, 10-11:15p
Description Junk Yard Band is a music class based on the world-famous Stomp percussion group, generously offered to Cascadia students by the Shedd Institute and led by their amazing professional instructor, Meribeth (currently teaching Ukulele and Music Box). It emphasizes rhythm and the music of life around us. Our instruments will be brooms, newspapers, trash can lids, etc. Together with everyday objects and our bodies, we will be creating our own, unique music. We will also learn how others are making music around the world with things others might call junk. Get ready for some stomping fun!!!
Important Notes Student may be asked to bring items to the class for making sounds.
Prerequisite Student must be able to tolerate loud noises and follow directions.
Homework None.
Parents Parents are welcome in the class.
Class Cost Members: FREE. Non-members: $100
Material/Lab Fee None.

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