Private Eye

Instructor Ericka Rhodes
Age Range 8-10 year olds
Schedule Wednesdays, Block 2, 12p – 1:15p
Description The Private Eye is a writing class with hands-on, investigative learning that rivets the eye and rockets the mind. Students will look at objects through a jeweler’s loupe (a small cylindrical magnifier) to discover details of objects up close. They will be asked to answer, “What does it remind you of?” to make a list of analogies. Kids will next draw or clay-sculpt the object for greater focus. They will be asked to look for similarities and differences between objects, and explore why certain features might exist. Finally, they will take their observations to the final step or writing (poetry, essays, and stories). This class combines critical thinking skills, creativity, art, writing and scientific inquiry.
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite Students must be writers or have a scribe present.
Homework Students may have writing projects to finish at home if they are not completed during the class time.
Parents Parents are welcome.
Material/Lab Fee $8.00/student for jeweler’s loupe, clay, and worksheets.

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