Biology: From the Arctic to the Antarctic (11-14 yrs)

Instructor Patty Donnell
Age Range 11-14 yrs
Schedule Tuesdays, Block 2, Art Room, 12p – 1:15p
Description Students will learn the biology of some of the areas between the Arctic and the Antarctic. They will learn about the organisms who call this area their home and the special adaptations needed to live there.  Short videos, class discussions, and hands on activities will be used to support their investigation of each topic
Important Notes Students should be prepared for hands-on work. Group discussions and some oral presentations.
Prerequisite Kids should have good manual dexterity and be able to follow instructions.
Homework Most of the work will be done in the classroom, but time determining, kids may need to do a little work at home. Often I will ask them to choose a favorite animal or habitat and ask them to research it, write a paragraph about it, and present it to the class in a round table discussion setting.
Parents Parents are not needed, but are welcome in the classroom.
Class Cost Members: FREE. Non-Members: $100
Material/Lab Fee A budget of $20 per student would help them with their activities and projects for this term. I often bring in extra art supplies, (such as clay, paint, mural materials that aren’t provided), materials for experiments (such as food, slides, slide covers, etc) and other projects. I also usually give the students a full color two sided handout each term for the booklets we have made in class. The $20 per student fee helps to cover these costs.

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