Book Club: Fahrenheit 451

Instructor Meredith Branch
Age Range 11-14 yrs
Schedule Tuesdays, Block 1, 10a – 11:15a
Description We will be reading and exploring topics from the novel ‘Fahrenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury. Bradbury’s book, published in 1953, is arguably one of the most significant dystopian novels of our time, with themes that are still relevant today. In this class, we will engage in related group activities and discussions and complete short, in-class journal writing that will encourage students to draw parallels between their own lives and the society Bradbury describes. His book is awe-inspiring in its power to change people’s perspectives, and it is guaranteed to make you think a little differently!
Important Notes  None.
Prerequisite Students must be able to read and write at a middle school level.
Homework Although we will do some reading out-loud in class, there will likely be a small amount of reading homework each week to keep the pace. There may also be short writing assignments.
Parents  Parents are welcome.
Class Cost Members: FREE. Non-Members: $100
Material/Lab Fee None, just the cost of the book and a notebook.

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