Fantastical Tales and Potions

Instructor Lucina Armstrong, Easy Armstrong, Olivia McClelland
Age Range 6-7
Schedule Tuesdays, Block 1, 10:00a – 11:15a
Description Let’s explore folk and fairytales from around the world together! Fairies, trolls, dragons, cyclops, wizards and all sorts of magical beings will be our focus in this class. We will use writing, art, imaginative play, and teamwork to deepen our understanding and create our own magical creatures. Also, in each class, Easy and Olivia will lead students in creating their own magical potion, sometimes edible and sometimes, “deadly” ;). We plan to have a lot of fun and do a little magic too!
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite We will practice early reading and writing, but it is not a prerequisite.
Homework None.
Parents Children who need one-on-one attention throughout the class will need a parent or aid with them.
Material/Lab Fee $5 for art supplies and potion ingredients

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