American Government/History

Instructor Tuana Schirmer and Meredith Branch
Age Range 11-14 yrs
Schedule Tuesdays, Block 3, Loft, 2p – 3:15p
Description The Constitution is all around us, and it affects each one of us, every day.  It is one of the most important documents in our lives, yet most people cannot accurately summarize its most important points.  Come explore what our founding fathers were thinking when they wrote the Constitution, how Americans continue to define what was written so long ago, and how our system works to interpret and amend this supreme law of our land.  The first half of the  class will cover the basics of the Constitution: the Constitutional Convention, drafting and ratifying the Constitution, and the three branches of our Federal government.  The second half will delve more deeply into the Bill of Rights, and through study and analysis of actual Supreme Court cases and the exploration of their own opinions, students will develop perspectives about the use and value of the Bill of Rights in their daily lives.  Sharing ideas and processing information through class discussion will be an integral part of this class!
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite None.
Homework Students will be asked to create a notebook of current events articles relevant to the Bill of Rights.
Parents Parents are welcome, but not required.
Class Cost Members: FREE. Non-Members: $100
Material/Lab Fee None.

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