Hear it, Feel it, Move it (6-7)

Instructor Amalia Coxe-Treiger
Age Range 6-7 yrs
Schedule Wednesdays, Block 1, 10a – 11:15a
Description If you like leaping, balancing, spinning, twisting, freezing in a shape, playing active games or dancing to music, this class might be for you. Create movement maps for your friends to follow, pretend you are magnetized to different parts of the room, explore colors, sounds and even smells through the lenses of dance and yoga. This is a high energy class with lots of movement but students will be challenged to also practice stillness and quiet as we explore some of the traditions of yoga. Please be willing to listen carefully, act respectfully towards all bodies and ideas and share some thoughts and ideas of your own.
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite None.
Homework None.
Parents My experience is that parents tend to be more distracting than helpful in this class but let’s talk on an individual basis if you/ your child would like you to be there.
Material/Lab Fee None.

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