Social Metabolism

Age Range 11-14
Schedule Thursdays, Block 1, 10a – 11:15p
Description As humans we require many things in order to have healthy communities: food, housing, education, health care and all the other goods and services that keep us thriving and fulfill our lives. Economics is the study of how we provide for these needs, how it has been done in history, and hopefully, how it can be done responsibly in the future. In this course we will learn about how human economies have changed over time from hunter/gatherer cultures to farmers and traders to the industrialized economies of today. Along the way we will simulate various economies through role play and strategy games and learn about the key features of the economic metabolism of human communities.
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite Basic reading/writing and elementary mathematics
Homework None.
Parents Parents or a co-teacher are welcome to help!
Material/Lab Fee None.

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