Once Upon A Time…or however your story starts…A Storytelling Class

INSTRUCTOR Michelle Taft
Age Range 6-8 yrs
Schedule Wednesdays, Block 1, 10a – 11:15p
Description How do you want to tell stories? Come explore. We’ll learn a bit about the history of storytelling and make a few helpful props like story dice and stones. We will also look at basic parts of speech so we can play story games like Mad Libs and talk about different kinds of stories. Everyone will get a chance to work together building a story in a group and also tell a story solo to the group. If you aren’t one to stand up in front of people and tell your story, don’t worry, you can just write it down (or dictate to someone who can write for you).
Important Notes Please bring a journal to each class. This could be a binder with lined or blank paper or a unique artisan journal. Whatever makes student feel good when he or she looks at it. We will use the journal o jot down ideas, story plans, drawings, etc. Students don’t need their journal on the first day.
Prerequisite Reading and writing are not required but we will be practicing a bit so willingness to try to read and write is helpful.
Homework There will be mental planning homework between classes to allow for writing and telling of stories in class. Keeping a story planning journal will be helpful with words, ideas, and/or drawings.
Parents Parents are definitely welcome and we would love to have you!
Class Cost Members: FREE. Non-Members: $100
Material/Lab Fee $1 per student to offset cost of mod podge and wooden cubes.

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