Volunteer Opportunities

Participating as a member in Cascadia Learning Cooperative will require four hours of volunteering a week, per family, during the terms you are registered. There are many ways to fulfill these hours. Below is a sample of some of the volunteer opportunities with their descriptions. There will a short training that is required for all teachers and volunteers. After reading the job descriptions below, please fill out the online volunteer preference form by clicking here -OR- you can download the CascadiaVolunteerPreferenceForm to request a volunteer job that best suits you and your interests and strengths. Then either email it to Melissa Palma at cascadialearning@gmail.com or mail a hard copy to P.O. Box 50545, Eugene, OR 97405.

  1. Teacher – To be a teacher at Cascadia, you do not need to be certified or even have extensive experience teaching a subject. You need to be motivated, interested, organized and be willing to put in prep time in between classes to ensure the highest quality class you can offer. You might want to teach language arts, science or lead math games. You may have a skill like cooking, knitting, Spanish, playing the ukulele that you may want to share. If you volunteer to teach a class, it will fulfill two of your required hours for that semester. If interested in applying, please fill out the “Volunteer Preference Form” and also go to the “Teacher Application” page to fill out the application there.
  2. Classroom Assistant – The classroom assistant is responsible for helping the teacher with supplies, helping give extra attention to kids, cleaning up after each class. You are expected to attend every class for the entire semester. If you cannot make it for a class for any reason, you need to notify Melissa and the primary teacher. If the teacher requires an assistant for that day, then it will be your responsibility to find your own replacement for that day (you will be given a list of other classroom assistants who may cover you).
  3. Club Facilitator – If you would like to lead or facilitate a club (chess club, book club, comic book making club, origami club, etc), you will be responsible for bringing necessary materials and leading this club every week for the semester. Fill out the volunteer form and indicate what type of club you would like to lead.
  4. Playground supervisor – The playground supervisor is responsible for maintaining safety in the play area and helping resolve conflicts, if any arise. You can play with the kids or lead games, although this isn’t required. On rainy days, if it is too wet to go outside, the playground supervisor will organize and lead indoor games that may get kids moving in a safe and contained way (think yoga, jumping jacks, hackey sack, kendamas, etc). You may walk kids to a park or offer other outdoor opportunities. You will help kids clean up the playground before going inside.
  5. Lunch supervisor – The lunch supervisor will help children with their lunches and help create a friendly and calm eating environment. You will also help kids clean up their own eating area and when the kids go outside for free time, you will make sure the tables are wiped down, the floors are picked up, and that the kitchen and eating areas are cleaned sufficiently.
  6. Thursday Closer – The closer is responsible for walking through the entire space and making sure that floors are picked up, surfaces are wiped down, major messes are cleaned up, lights are turned off, and the door is locked if you are the last one out.
  7. Field Trip Coordinator – The field trip coordinator is responsible for asking parents and children what field trips they are interested in for that semester, choosing the date, time and place, contacting community organizations/parks/museums to organize a program or usage of the space (if applicable), notifying families of details, organizing rides/chaperones and collecting money (if applicable). The field trip coordinator is responsible for planning and executing the field trip from beginning to end.
  8. Event Planner – The event planner is responsible for asking parents and children what event they are interested in for that semester, surveying families about the best day and time (assuming it is outside usual program hours), gathering supplies, organizing food or materials as needed, recruiting chaperones and collecting money (if needed). The event planner is responsible for planning and executing the event from beginning to end.
  9. Fundraising Coordinator – You will help plan, organize and execute a fundraiser for Cascadia. It could be a yard sale, a spaghetti dinner, or an idea of your own.
  10. Marketing Assistant – You will be responsible for creating flyers (if you have this skill), putting up flyers around the community, posting on Facebook and other social media, taking photographs, and attending occasional community events to promote the program.

If you have a specific skill not listed above, feel free to fill out the volunteer application form and propose a different skill that you may have to offer.


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