Yearbook: Part 1

Instructor Melissa Palma
Age Range 11-14
Schedule Wednesdays, Block 3, 2:00p-3:15p
Description In this class, students will start out by looking at past yearbooks. Then students will spend the term creating student interview questions, taking pictures of classes, conducting student interviews, and writing up class descriptions. We will organize a picture day for Cascadia students as well. This is the first year that we are going to do yearbook in two terms instead of one so it should be a much more relaxing pace! The goal is for the yearbook to be entirely student made so students should come ready with ideas and ready to put in the work to create another awesome Cascadia yearbook! Yearbook part 2 will be Spring term.
Important Notes None.
Prerequisite Students need to be able to bring an iPad or laptop to type on. They can take the class without such a device but they’d have to be willing to write articles, interviews, descriptions, etc by hand and then type up at home. Also, there will be a lot of writing so students need to be ready to write!
Homework Not much, if any.
Parents Parents are welcome but not required.
Class Cost Members: FREE. Non-Members: $100
Material/Lab Fee None.

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